How Does Pomegranate Oil Benefit The Skin And Hair

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Pomegranate Oil is one of our most favourite oils and since it carries so many amazing benefits. The oil is extremely nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals. Due to it’s medicinal and cosmetic purposes, it is no wonder that it’s used in so many skincare products. It is high in Vitamin C and contains anti-inflammatory properties making it an essential product in a skincare routine.

We love using Pomegranate Oil so much that it’s in all three products, HAIRBEAST, Merakhi and Nzuri Chamrhi - along with a blend of other amazing oils - to help with many many skin and hair problems. It’s fruity fragrance gives our products a unique scent, which is prevalent in all of our oils.

To start off with, here are a few reasons why Pomegranate Oil is amazing for the hair:
  1. Pomegranate Oil helps to rid the scalp of any product residue, dandruff and flaky skin. When the scalp’s hair follicles are clogged with any of these things, it damages the hair follicles and stunts hair growth. 
  2. Along with cleaning the scalp, Pomegranate Oil also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Due to it’s high anti oxidant and vitamin content, the oil increases blood circulation, strengthens the blood vessels which stimulates and promotes hair growth. As HAIRBEAST is made from a blend of nutritious oils, it has a very high record of stimulating hair growth on those who have experienced bald patches, hair thinning and androgenic alopecia.
  3. For people who experience scalp conditions like psoriasis or scalp eczema, Pomegranate Oil contains anti-inflammatory benefits so it helps to soothe and fight scalp bacteria. Therefore, any itchiness, redness, inflammation that come with these scalp conditions are alleviated when using the oil.
  4. When blended with a carrier oil, or oils, - for example our HAIRBEAST oil - it makes for an amazing hair growth tonic. Massaging the oils into the scalp and on the ends of the hair help to promote hair growth and condition the hair. Pomegranate oil is a good source of Vitamin C, so it helps to strengthen the connective tissue within the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth.
  5. If you’re finding that your hair gets greasy quickly, it could be that the pH level of your scalp is off balance. Using Pomegranate Oil helps to neutralise the effect of excessive oil production, reduce hair greasiness, fortifies and flushes out the any bacteria from the scalp.

Moving onto skincare, here are a few reasons why Pomegranate Oil is amazing for the skin - and how both our Merakhi face oil and Nzuri Chamrhi cleanser will give you these benefits and even more:
  1. Pomegranate Oil contains an Omega 5 fatty acid called “punicic acid”, a polyunsaturated oil, which has strong anti-inflammatory qualities. The oil fights off free radicals to keep the skin from ageing and provides protects against sun damage.
  2. The oil absorbs deeply into the skin without leaving any greasy residue behind, making it perfect for all skin types including oily skin. Pomegranate Oil penetrates deep into the skin and creates lasting and healthy moisture to keep the skin’s sebum production at bay. Merakhi is amazing for those with oily skin types as it helps to restore the skins’ natural oil production - making sure you don’t get greasy skin through the day.
  3. For people suffering from acne, blemishes and scars; Pomegranate Oil works amazingly to reduce scars and pigmentation, heal the skin and soothe any inflammation. Apply Merakhi on a night time to your problem areas, and it will help to heal any breakouts, soothe redness and keep your skin looking and feeling healthier. Using the Nzuri Chamrhi cleanser on a daily basis will help to soothe acne breakouts and give the skin a deep clean; getting rid of any excess sebum and cleaning the pores.
  4. On the topic of healing the skin, Pomegranate Oil contains a human compatible form of pro-estrogen, which supports hormonal balance in both men and women. This means that the oil works to help improve the texture of the skin.
  5. Just like the pomegranate fruit itself, the oil is popular for its antioxidant properties. It helps with collagen production and firming the skin.

As we use Pomegranate Oil in all of our products, you are guaranteed to experience the many fabulous skincare and hair benefits that it will offer.

If you would like to have an amazing experience with either your skin or hair, then head over to Bonita Biaan and purchase our products.

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