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Thursday, 27 July 2017

As we’ve constantly talked about how amazing our products are, we thought today we would let our testimonials do the talking and show how well our products have worked for many people across the globe.

Here are a number of testimonials from people who have tried our products, HAIRBEAST, Merakhi and Nzuri Chamrhi, and absolutely love them.

“Been using the Merakhi face oil and hair beast for several months now. I can honestly say I'm impressed. At first you will notice subtle changes; the texture of your skin is better, less breakouts, better oil control. Then when you compare old pictures to new ones, you will realise how much better your skin is overall. My skin tone has evened up and looks plump and glowing!
Same with the hair beast, after the first use, I noticed less fall out, improved texture, less hair in my hair brush! Now, I can definitely see that my hair has grown loads and looks a lot fuller.” 
- Afnaan N.

“I bought a bottle of HAIRBEAST upon recommendation from a family friend, and I was sceptical because so many hair growth products claim to work, they are full of chemicals, and always a disappointment. My hubby has had hair thinning/baldness for over 8 years so there was a lot of area to work with. However, ever since he began using the oil 3-4 times a week we have seen a huge increase in new hair growth, his hair thickening and getting stronger. Every week we document the growth and compare to the first week and the change has been phenomenal! It has taken a little time to see a very big noticeable change only because the area we are working with is large. But each day, each week, his hair has grown and it's been amazing to see the transformation. We will continue to use HAIRBEAST and I'm really hopeful all of his hair will grow back and how it was 10 years ago! I also suffer from PCOS and have thinning hair which has reduced significantly since using the oil, it's also volumised, stronger and growing a lot quicker! We cannot recommend this oil highly enough, after all it's all natural, herbal oil, what do you have to lose? Try it, and you won't look back!” 
- Gurprit B.

“Love the Merakhi oil! Not too greasy but still gives the correct amount of moisture. I have been using this for around 8 weeks morning and night everyday (missed the odd few applications). My dark circles under my eyes have lightened a fair bit and marks on my face have practically disappeared. My face generally is much brighter and less dull looking dull looking and always smooth even with the cold weather. Defiantly recommend the Merakhi face oil. I initially bought the smaller travel sized bottle which lasted me quite a while and now use the larger size. (The larger bottle is much easier and quicker as it comes with a pipet). Literally 3 drops per application is all that is needed so the bottles last ages making them great value for money. I've just bought the HAIRBEAST oil recently, have only applied once so far but can't wait to see the results after the next few weeks.”
- Sharan Kaur.

“I bought Merakhi quite a few weeks ago and I have suffered from such dry and creased under eyes. No matter what eye cream/gel, powder or concealer I used it still looked wrinkly and dry and cracked. And for someone who's 22 years old the last thing you want is to look like you've got wrinkles lol! Your oil has not only got rid of fine lines and made my concealer go on like a dream but it's also stopped any creasing, stopped it looking dry and patchy. My make up looks glowy and soft. I used to also suffer from foundations and concealers stinging my under eye area because of how sensitive it was but the face oil has changed my make up game! Brilliant product will defo order more. Keep up the great work.” 
- Rosey Kaur.

“I am absolutely in love with the HAIRBEAST hair oil. It has helped me get my hair thicker and stronger. I was really worried about my hair after having coloured it so many times. Ive been trying to grow my hair out for ages and this hair oil has genuinely helped me! I have recommended this hair oil to all family and friends and I would recommend to anyone considering getting some. It lasts forever and is sooooo worth 32 quid compared to the other pills out there that cost a lot more.” 
- Swati T.

“I recently bought the Merakhi oil in the 20ml version because I had some doubts and did not want to spend a lot of money on something that would not work. Wow, can I just say this product is amazing I am so shocked I was ready to be disappointed since I have tried everything under the sun and none have really worked. My dark circles have been an insecurity of mine and it has been extremely difficult to lighten them up. My dark circles are not genetic, they are due to the insomnia I have had in the past. I will continue to purchase this product my entire life and will definitely be buying 50ml. It honestly has changed everything for me and my acne scars are looking so much more better also as they too have lightened up. I cannot thank you enough for this miracle product, I will never stop buying this ever and will recommend it to every person that I know, it truly is the best thing I have ever purchased and don't regret it! If you are considering buying it, PLEASE DO IT! You will not be disappointed it is so worth it.There is nothing wrong with the product, all I could say is be very careful when putting it around the eye area because it stings if it does get into the eyes but that is all. My under eyes and skin look a lot better and I feel so much better and have more confidence! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou THANKYOU!!!!! If this was to ever discontinue, I would actually die!” 
- Saira K.

“This HAIRBEAST hair oil is amazing! It's really hard finding hair products that actually work for men out there. I've tried using the caffiene shampoo, and many other hair oils but nothing worked. I was skeptical about the oil at first because it came in a small bottle but suprisingly it's lasted me nearly three months. The smell is quiet strong but other then that it works wonders. My hair is a lot darker, my bald patches seem to be disappearing. Can't fault this oil in anyway, thankfully a product that works for men too.”
 - Osman A.

After reading these fabulous testimonials, it is obvious that our products work so well at combating issues like pigmentation, acne, hair loss and conditioning damaged hair. 

If you would like to have this same experience with either your skin or hair, then head over to Bonita Biaan and purchase our products.

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