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Monday, 9 October 2017

Hello Bonitas!

Today’s blog post is all about our brand new, deep conditioning and nourishing hair oil SilkyBeast.

After the huge global success of our hair oil, HAIRBEAST - which helps to grow and strengthen the hair - we decided to formulate a moisturising hair oil that will condition that long hair, keep it silky and smooth!

We have specifically picked out certain ingredients to make SilkyBeast suitable for even the most driest and delicate of hair types, including Afro Caribbean and African hair. Even if your hair doesn’t require intense moisture, you can use SilkyBeast to condition and smoothen the ends of your hair.

Like HAIRBEAST, Merakhi and Nzuri Chamrhi; SilkyBeast is a blend of 100% cold pressed, organic oils which have not been diluted or bleached. 

SilkyBeast contains a blend of nutritious oils including Camellia Oil, Blackseed Oil and Abyssinian Oil. 

Camellia Oil is amazing for those who experience frizzy hair due to humidity, heat or moisture loss. It is rich in Omega 9 fatty acids and is similar to the oil your body naturally produces, keeping your skin cleansed (not clogged) and your scalp hydrated (not smothered).
As we already know Blackseed Oil - which is a key ingredient in our HAIRBEAST hair oil - is high beneficial for the hair and scalp. It helps to clean the scalp of any inflammation, flakiness or any fungal infections whilst promoting hair growth. 
Abyssinian Oil is a very lightweight oil which is perfect for those with fine hair as it doesn’t weight the hair down. Due to the fatty lipids in this oil, it is able to add amazing shine to the hair and allows for great lubrication to hair strands - making it amazing for detangling.

These three oils make up a portion of the rich blend of oils in SilkyBeast, that can help hair become softer, sleeker, more luscious and conditioned.

Before pouring the oil, give SilkyBeast a good shake. 
Apply 12-16 drops of SilkyBeast into your hands, and massage all over the hair, concentrating on the ends to make them more softer. Keep the oil in for at least two hours, or overnight for best results and wash out with shampoo. For a super deep conditioning effect, apply the SilkyBeast and wrap hair in a hot towel. Using a hot towel will give a hot oil treatment effect. Once the towel cools, you can wash the hair with shampoo and follow up with conditioner if desired.

We recommend using SilkyBeast two to three times a week for best results, but this depends on your own preference. 

SilkyBeast can be used on all hair colours and types - especially Afro hair as SilkyBeast is designed to condition the finest and more delicate of hair types.

We at Bonita Biaan are all about Ayurveda, and keeping our products as natural as they can be. We have made sure to formulate our products using the highest quality and purest of oils, using only cold pressed and organic oils. All of our oils have been sourced from vegan and cruelty free backgrounds. 

As our oils are 100% natural and pure, they have quite an earthy scent - as opposed to a sweet fragrance like other oils on the market. The reason for this is that we have kept our oils as pure as they can be, without any sort of bleaching or refining - which makes for an earthy scent! 
Also, we do not have any nut oils in our products either, making them suitable for those with nut allergies. 

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