Our Summer Glow HACK

Monday, 21 August 2017

Yes, the days are now getting shorter and the temperature is slowly dropping - however it is still summer and people are still going for summer vacays! After all, why not make the most out of this season?! 
To those of you who are still venturing out to tropical destinations, we have a lovely little beauty hack for you to use while you’re chilling and partying it up. But, this trick is also great for those who want to look glowy and amazing for a night out on the town! 

Both our Nzuri Chamrhi cleanser and Merakhi face oil can make you look super radiant, glowy and healthy! And whats even better is that these two products are now in 20ml bottles, which is amazing for those of you who are on the go! We decided to launch the 20ml bottles for people who would love to take our products with them when they are travelling, but also for those who want to try out the cleanser and face oil before purchasing the full sized bottles. 

When it comes to looking glowing, the base is just as important as the makeup. Nzuri Chamrhi is an oil cleanser to be used with a hot cloth. It helps to give the skin a deep clean, exfoliate and remove any dead skin and dirt - without stripping the skin’s natural moisture. Follow up with the Merakhi face oil after closing the pores with a splash of cold water, to prep the skin for makeup and our glow secret!

Once you have applied all of your makeup - minus the highlight - you are ready for our secret highlight hack!

Apply a drop of Merakhi face oil onto the back of your hand, take your finger and pat a small amount of the oil onto the high points of your face that you would like to highlight. For example the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow and bridge of the nose. Make sure to use a small amount of oil and really tap it into the skin. 

Then, taking your favourite powdered highlight, dust it onto the areas you have just tapped on the Merakhi and see how amazing it looks.
The Merakhi face oil acts like a highlight primer; your highlight looks more intense and brighter but you are able to blend the highlight using your foundation brush or sponge. 

You can also use this amazing trick on the tops of your shoulders and collar bone to add a super glowy highlight to your body if you’re wearing a lovely dress or a fancy blouse. 

We at Bonita Biaan are all about Ayurveda, and keeping our products as natural as they can be. We have made sure to formulate our products using the highest quality and purest of oils, using only cold pressed and organic oils. All of our oils have been sourced from vegan and cruelty free backgrounds. 

As our oils are 100% natural and pure, they have quite an earthy scent - as opposed to a sweet fragrance like other oils on the market. The reason for this is that we have kept our oils as pure as they can be, without any sort of bleaching or refining - which makes for an earthy scent! 
Also, we do not have any nut oils in our products either, making them suitable for those with nut allergies. 

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